Customer experience.
To the next level

When your website visitors come in, they want to get information as fast as possible. When they come out, everything they have interacted with worked for your brand.

With Seriously website visitors become your loyal customers. Because we care.

Interact smarter

Fill out your website with the information your website visitors are looking for in the most convient places.

Work faster

With only the most needed features and tools at their fingertips, your team can focus on helping your customers instead of wasting time on building your website.

Surpass expectations

Customers are happy when they can find what they are looking fast. And they are stunned by the experience you can provide. Seriously.

Navigation bars done right

Seriously empowers your customers to navigate through your website smoothly. So they can find the most valuable information within a few seconds.


Follow your customer’s eyes: show the most valuable pages on the left and less important ones – on the right. Hide the least important pages in submenus.


Transform your menu items into buttons to catch customer’s attention to the things that metter for both of you.


Make your navigation sticky to let your customers browse your website quickly no matter where they’re now on a page.

Content blocks that do a lot

Build content blocks with the page builder you know and the elements you own. Use these blocks in headers, footers and even in rows.

Build for later use

Use a page builder to create content blocks with all the elements you’ve got. Save them to use in different places.

Use in headers and footers

Choose default header and footer in Customizer and later change them on a per page basis.

Use even in rows

You can use the content blocks as background layers in any page builder row.

Background layers to enhance rows

Enhance default page builder rows with additional elements to create new experiences for your customers.

Enhance rows

Add new background layers (up to 5) between the default row background and its content.

Insert some cool stuff

In each layer you can insert background colors, gradient colors, images, featured images and content blocks. Later, you’ll be able to put videos and animations too.

Create new experiences

Background layers help you to build something awesome and unusual. So your customers will be surprised!

Blog like a pro

Create a classic corporate blog with all default features your can find in free WordPress themes made by Automattic.

Blog the way you know

Create a classic corporate blog the way WordPress makes it in all its themes.

Add a top bar

Display the blog top bar with taxonomies and a search field for faster customer navigation.

Turn on/off widgets

Turn on/off blog widgets and even style them to fit your corporate design.

Grids you need

Create image grids and galleries from any post types you want using the included (for free) Creative plugins.

Create any number of grids

Create any number of grids to display valuable posts and images.

Make them cool

Each grid contains dozens of options. So eventually, you can create thousands of unique grids.

Turn on your imagination

Grids can be used for many purposes besides portfolios and image galleries. Just turn on your imagination and make something unique.

Design your website by putting type first

Thanks to Font I Want, you can express your brand’s personality by working with the best typefaces

Present brand with fonts

Each brand has its own vibe and fonts are very vocal in transferring brand’s ideology into visual communication. Use Font I Want and bring your brand identity to the digital life.

Use fonts from numerous providers

Experiment with thousands of Google and Adobe Typekit fonts and stand out. You will never run out of options.

Play with different settings

Browse the font library, add fonts to your favorites, change CSS selectors’ properties and even add your own selectors.

All that on all devices

Be confident, your website will look good on all devices from which your customers browse it.

We’ve got what you need

All you might need to manage a modern corporate website that your customers love to visit.

Splash screen

You can turn it on/off, define its background color, choose any loader icon (and its color) or upload your own. Optionally, you can turn on the top progress bar and define its height and color too.

Reactive images

We’ve integrated our newly created technology that automatically chooses the right sizes of your images and downloads them to your browser at the time you need it.


You can upload your logo (we support SVG too), use site title (or any custom text), define the navigation bar background, border and shadow colors, make it sticky, choose left and right menus, display any menu items as buttons. And you can do almost all of it separately for mobile.

Light/dark color schemes

Our theme detects which background color (light or dark) is used and automatically chooses the appropriate color scheme. Just don’t forget to choose the colors in Customizer.

Per page settings

You can change many default options on each page separately (like background color, header and footer, navigation bar settings).

Forms & buttons

You can style forms and buttons in Customizer too.

One page navigation

This theme can be used for one page websites too.

Pagination control

You can choose between two pagination styles (numbers and next/previous arrows) and style them to fit your website’s look and feel.

Blog settings

You can control the blog styles, turn widgets on/off and control many other things.

Icon packs

The theme contains two additional icon packs – Ionic and Elegant themes.

Coming soon to Seriously

Within the next several months, we’re going to enhance the theme in different ways.

New background layers

We’re going to add video support, animations and changing colors.

New content blocks options

We’ll enhance the Content blocks library of elements to let you create fewer blocks. In addition, we’ll add ability to control headers/footers per different post types separately.

Shifting colors

We’ll return this option which we introduced in Colors Creative: automatic body color changing.

New navigation bar options

We’ll add more options for navigation bar too.

New blog layouts

We’re going to add at least two new layouts: grid and list.

New navigation types

We’ll add up to 10 new navigation bar types.

Boxed view

Because why not?

Demos, demos, demos

We’re going to add new demos to save you time and show what you can accomplish with this theme.